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Mrs. Ruth Pereira

The Little Bud’s International Pre-School
The Little Flower’s High School
The Little Flowers College, Gundowli Andheri East.

Mrs. Ruth Pereira is the Founder Principal of The Little Bud’s International Pre-School and The Little Flower’s High School, Gundowli Andheri East.
With 15 Years of Teaching Experience, Our Principal Madam is a dynamic leader who can balance both being a passionate facilitator and a collaborative administrator.
She has Implemented Innovative Teaching method like Collaborative Learning, Critical Thinking Cubotics, Alongwith Experiential Learning. As the Principal of Our Institution, Mrs. Pereira focuses mainly on Training her team to work on the Multi-dimensional growth of her pupils from interactive Teaching methods to healthy Teacher–Student Relationship, Our Principal Madam works tirelessly making studies as effortless as possible.