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Welcome to The Little Buds International Pre-school

The Pre-school in it's present form was started in the academic year 2019-20. It consists of Playgroup Section, Nursery Section, Junior Kindergarten, Senior Kindergarten. The Little Buds International Pre-school incorporates an integrated curriculum for all round holistic development. Our Institute motto is "Total Formation for a Better Future". Your child is well prepared for any board by time they graduate from the Senior Kindergarten. You can be totally assured, the mental and physical development of your child as well as their safety and security in the school is in safe hands.

Integrated Curriculum

Fine Motor development.
Whole Brain Activities.
STEM based learning.
Indoor and Outdoor Sports.
Spiritual Development through Yoga, Meditation and Mantra Chanting /Positive Affirmations.

Events & Celebrations

Janmashtami Celebration.
Diwali Party.
Children's Day Celebration.
Christmas Tree.
Independence Day and Republic Day Celebration.
Sports Day.
Annual Day with Prize Distribution.
Graduation Ceremony from Pre-Primary to Primary.

Teaching Resources

Periodic Workshops for Teachers.
Use of Innovative Teaching Aids.
Incorporating New and Advanced Technology for Teaching.
Well Stocked and Updated Library.
Advanced Computer Lab.
Updated Science Lab.